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Sustainable Development challenges in Developing Countries

Throughout my university education and professional career, I have built my profile to have the tools and knowledge necessary to support the challenges and strategies to contribute to sustainable development in developing countries. My motivation to act in this field prompted me to have a multi-disciplinary profile. 

I am initially an economist - geographer and I completed my University eductation with a PhD in Agronomic Sciences (Co-promotion Nord (UCLouvain - Belgium) - Sud (ERAIFT - RDC)). This combination of Diplomas in the key areas of sustainable development led me to offer my expertise to strive for the Sustainable and Inclusive Development of the rural world and the agricultural systems of Developing Countries. 

Rural Development - Natural Resources - Agricultural Systems & Livelihoods Sustainability and Inclusiveness

In developing countries, the agricultural sector predominates. Populations are growing very rapidly and exploited natural and agricultural resources are not adequate to meet food security and nutrition, as well as sustainable use of livelihoods.

The Sustainable Development Goals are mostly related to hunger, a decent life, a responsible use of natural resources, the impact of consumption and production practices on ecosystems, air, water and climate change. It is therefore at the level of agricultural and food systems in Developing Countries that it is essential to act today, adopting inclusive and sustainable approaches and strategies.

It is for this reason that thanks to my accumulated skills, I have chosen to offer my expertise in this field and to be an actor and operational in initiatives for the implementation of sustainable and inclusive agricultural and food systems in developing countries.

Systemic Approach for Assessments & Diagnosis

Application of a systemic / holistic and multi-dimensional approach in the analyzes, diagnosis and assessment of systems specific to the agricultural and rural world of developing countries. With a particular focus on identifying factors conducive to sustainable development and inclusiveness.

Monitoring & Evaluations

Design and use of technical tools allowing the monitoring and evaluation of activities, initiatives and their impacts on growth, socio-economic development, sustainable and inclusive development. Special focus on technical assessment tools linked to the green economy (financial and economic), and to sustainable agricultural and food systems.
Knowledge of guidelines for the management of protected areas in Africa in partnership with civil society and institutions.

Recommandations & Decision Making Support

Qualified for scientific and empirical research to provide analyzes and recommendations to support decision-making by civil and / or institutional stakeholders. With a focus on respecting the principles of good governance, public - private - population partnerships (integrated) and inclusiveness.

Reporting & Communication

Strong ability to write scientific and research reports, communicate orally and in writing the results of studies and evaluations. Capacity for oral communication and feedback to all types of stakeholders.

Knowledge sharing & Training

Experienced trainer as much for experts, as for institutional officials and donors, as for students. Supervision of students in Europe and Africa.
Regular interventions in seminars and technical conferences.
Respect for multiculturalism and aspects of multidisciplinarity to be integrated into the framework of global initiatives
to strive for sustainable development.

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